Hello guys,
I’m Snizhana and I’m an English tutor.
If you are interested in learning English with ease and motivation, I would love to help you.

The English learning process will be based on your needs – why you actually thought about learning or brushing up your English, whether you need to improve your English communication skills or writing skills or Grammar or English business communication or IT English – I know the ropes. I use a variety of materials within the class such as ebooks, videos, songs, games. You will get a flexible schedule as well as  entertaining and interesting classes.
My Methodology
First, I find out as much as I can about my student’s hobbies, work and interests. I believe that the most effective lessons are the interesting ones and we can learn the language through the things we enjoy.  
Second, I structure the lessons in accordance with student’s needs, such as vocab expansion, grammar, pronunciation, tech specialization and others.
Third, I continuously expand my knowledge and specialization to make my lessons more interesting and more effective.
I have been doing this for over 8 years.
Here I will tell you why I am better than tutors in your area. With me you will definitely have 100% English speaking environment. I will teach you to understand English and to be understood.
Preferred level of your English – Elementary
I won’t give you any certificate. However, I will give you knowledge you could practically use in your everyday life. So, it’s up to you what you want: a piece of paper or to be confident in a conversation with English speaking people (because at the end that’s what matters most).

Let’s do this!

For more info write me on my mail snizhok89@gmail.com

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